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The compiler (dcc32.exe) in Delphi 2007 and 2009 has an option

-NS<namespaces> = Namespace search path

Is this releated to the compiler options 'Default namespace' and 'Namespace prefixes' in the project options dialog? Search 'path' sounds like a folder (directory) name, so I am not sure what this option is good for.

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It's explained in this article.

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That explains it for dccil.exe, not dcc32.exe –  Marco van de Voort Jun 11 '09 at 8:47
Yes, but I would assume it applies to dcc32.exe, too. –  TOndrej Jun 11 '09 at 8:55
Native doesn't have namespace paths afaik. But maybe it is accepted and ignored for orthogonality. –  Marco van de Voort Jun 11 '09 at 20:01
Default namespaces work in Delphi Win32: for example, a unit with the name "Lib.Core.Tools" can be included with "uses Tools", if the default namespace is set to "Lib.Core" –  mjn Jun 12 '09 at 5:14

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