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Now there are 2 visio files, a new one and an old one.

Some changes are made in the new one.

I need to compare the two files to find out differences between them.

how to make it done? Is there any tools to do this work? Thank you all!

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Is the visio file format plain-text enough that you can just use diff to find the differences? – sarnold Mar 21 '12 at 1:21
If you save your Visio files in the VDX format, then text-based diff utilities may prove more useful. VSD files are binary and not easily diffable. Can you elaborate on the kind of differences you want to detect? Depending on that answer, it may be possible to perform more specific difference detection that would be useful for you. – saveenr Mar 21 '12 at 5:13

You could write something using office interop that reads the files and goes through the sheets/shapes etc in each one and compares them. Fairly easy to do, quite boring but you can make it look for exactly what you need.

You could save them as XML or HTML and compare the files.

You could use google to search for Visio Diff Tools

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Another good way is on this page: It involves doing a text compare on the properties of each object (location, size, etc.) using Visio 2010 SDK.

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For visual comparison you can try this:

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