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When I start a project with the Utility Application Template (which has a flipview), I get 3 .xib files.

When I open the "MainWindow.xib", I get two rectangular pieces. One of them represents the window. The other is called RootViewController. This has a view in it.

My question is :

1) How is this view represented, because there is no View object in the Document Window of IB ?

2) How is it added to the ViewController from IB because whenever I add a ViewController, I get an empty area (cross shaded with grey stripes) ?

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Look to auto-created files in your project

UntitledAppDelegate.m and RootViewController.m

Answer is there

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Yeah, that was very helpful. – euphoria83 Jun 12 '09 at 2:38

The RootViewController simply is responsible for loading the other ViewControllers. Look in the ViewControllers folder to find them. Those view controllers contain the views. The reason this is done is so that you can have multiple views per view controller.

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I know that. My question is about the MainWindow.xib document which shows a UIView in the UIViewController (more precisely, RootViewController). Where did that come from ? – euphoria83 Jun 12 '09 at 2:38

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