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<tickets type="array">
        <assigned-user-id type="integer">123</assigned-user-id>
        <closed type="boolean">true</closed>
        <creator-id type="integer">177522</creator-id>
        <number type="integer">306</number>
        <tag nil="true"/>
        title text 1
        <updated-at type="datetime">2012-03-14T13:13:11+11:00</updated-at>
        <user-id type="integer">96438</user-id>
        <version type="integer">3</version>

I am a Powershell newbie and find a question on xml and format-table. Given above xml file. If I run below script to display tickets in a table, the value of "number", "closed" could not be shown

$t = [xml](new-object$xmlfilepath)
$ | Format-Table -Property title, state, user-name, url, number, closed


title            state       user-name       number       closed                                      
-----            -----       ---------       ------       ------                                
title text 1     resolved    Username        number       closed   
title text 2     resolved    Username        number       closed   

Is it the only way I have to use foreach and selectSingleNode("ticket").get_InnerXml() to get all the values?

Thank you.

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If you notice those nodes have attributes so you will need to get to the data of the node. try the following:

$ | Format-Table -AutoSize -Property title, state, user-name, url,
@{Label="number"; Expression={$_.number."#text"}},
@{Label="closed"; Expression={$_.closed."#text"}}
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Thank you. This is perfect. – seanbun Apr 12 '12 at 0:09

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