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As I know, there are some elegant ways to print left and right justified string with filling. like this

str = "left_justified"
str.ljust(20, '0');


print "{0:{1}<20}".format(str, "=")

result will be


what is the best way to print middle-justified string with filling

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3 Answers 3

>>> termwidth, fillchar = 78, '='
>>> print ' middle justified title '.center(termwidth, fillchar)
=========================== middle justified title ===========================
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>>> "hello".center(50, '=')
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You missed the ^:

s = 'centered'
print "{0:{1}^20}".format(s, "=")
# -> ======centered======

I have also taken the liberty of renaming your str variable to something that doesn't shadow the built-in str.

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