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I use

my_classalias = pyamf.register_class(mymodel, mymodel._meta.object_name)

to make my django model into AMF serialized objects.

But the problem is mymodel contains a auto created pk field called id, but the Flash/Flex client can't accept such field, is there a way to remove that in PyAMF ClassAlias?

Thanks in advance!

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Here is my own solution:

m = my_model
ka = pyamf.register_class(m, m._meta.object_name)
ka.exclude_attrs = ['field1', 'field2']

or alternatively, in your models.py

class my_model(models.Model):
    field1 = IntegerField()
    field2 = TextField()
    class __amf__:
        exclude = ('field1', )

Note there is a unpatched bug in PyAMF for the m2m fields, you may have to manually edit file pyamf/adapters/_django_db_models_base.py, line 168:

for name, relation in self.relations.iteritems():

    if name in self.exclude_attrs:
    if '_%s_cache' % name in obj.__dict__:
        attrs[name] = getattr(obj, name)

Hope this helps someone who has the same problem with me.

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