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This is my method

private char[] listFindChar;
public void setlistFindChar(char letter){

int pos;
if (listFindChar !=null)

            pos = listFindChar.length;
            pos ++;
  listFindChar[0] = letter; (cause problem)


Why the char is not add in the array of chars at the position[0]??

Thanks for helping me!!


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You need to initialize the array, e.g.:

private char[] listFindChar = new char[100];

Otherwise, you just defined an array that is not initialized and points to some place throwing NullPointerExceptions at you for some reason...

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Beat me by seconds. This is exactly what's going on; if the space isn't initialized, then you'll be indexing into something that doesn't have anywhere to index into. – Makoto Mar 21 '12 at 2:47

At a glance, I notice you're not creating any space for the array. You do so by specifying the space you want (i.e. if you wanted 30 chars, then you'd say char listFindChar = new char[30]).

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