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I have a Rails3 application which uses Carrierwave and Fog to store data to Amazon's S3. This application I am building requires that I allow each user to have their own secure EC2 bucket. The premise of the application is that the user will create a account (devise) and I will generate a storage bucket just for that user under my application's EC2 User and Password. Based on the current documentation, I have not seen a way to have multiple buckets as this is configured in the FOG YML. I would like to ask for alternatives to set this FOG_DIRECTORY dynamically based on the user attributes.

I know there is a way to manage dynamic folders, but this will not work as I need dedicated buckets by user.

Thanks in advance!

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Can you elaborate why you can't use dynamic folders? Do your users need direct access, other than through your app? If not, signed urls work great. –  Carson Cole Mar 30 '12 at 4:41
Currently the FOG Directory is set in my fog yml. I would like to store a bucket id at a user level. When I need to store some information, I will look up the user and find the bucket id to use. My issue is how to set this fog directory outside of the configuration yml? –  Gregg Apr 6 '12 at 0:44

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Assuming your buckets already exist. Try the following:


CarrierWave.configure do |config|
  #...other configuration stuff...
  config.fog_directory = 'null.example.com'

  config.fog_host = proc do
    proc do |file|
      uploader = file.instance_variable_get :@uploader

Note the nested procs, as of the writing of the this answer the documentation for carrierwave is incorrect. If you want the fog_host to be dynamic, you have to wrap the proc so that the carrierwave configuration class does the right thing.

Even though the fog_directory is set dynamically later. Test frameworks and such complain if something is not set in the initializer(it things work correctly the setting is always overridden).


before_filter :set_bucket

def set_bucket
  CarrierWave.configure do |config|
    config.fog_directory = "#{current_user.id}.bucket.example.com"

Change the set_bucket function to suit your bucket naming convention.

You can add some conditional logic if you want a fixed bucket in development rather than a bucket per user.

Also this blog post outlines another approach.

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