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I have a jQuery function:

function InitDialog(c,b){
    /* some code */     

$('a[name=dialog]').click(function(e)                                                 {         
            InitDialog(caption, bodyText);        

And also I have a link defined in html code like below:

<li><a href="#dialog" name="someInformation" }">something</a></li>

My question is how can I pass the parameters (caption, bodyText) to Init() function via link? I've heard about some method like below:

<li><a href="#dialog" name="someInformation" onClick="return {height: 100, width:200};"}">something</a></li> 

But I don't understand how can I get and parse it? Thanks

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So first, I think you want to say $('a[href="#dialog"]') to get the a tags, then in the click function, $(this).attr("name") will give you the some information, which you could store a json string...

<a href="#dialog" name="{caption:'XXXX', bodyText:'XXXX'}">My Text</a>

$('a[href="#dialog"]').click(function() {
     var data = JSON.parse($(this).attr("name"));
     InitDialog(data.caption, data.bodyText);

But, I don't think that's the right way of going about what you're trying to do, would you be better to create the dialog in a div lower down the page, hide it, and only show it when you click the link? Because the term 'bodyText' implies it's going to be big...

Or just:

 <a href="javascript:InitDialog('Caption', 'BodyText'); fadeInCommon(e,this);">My Link</a>
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var data = JSON.parse($(this).attr("name")); - doesn't work! –  Nolesh Mar 21 '12 at 4:17
name="{'caption':'XXXX', 'bodyText':'XXXX'}" - you forgot quotes! Then I should use replaceAll function to replace ' to " After that it will work! –  Nolesh Mar 21 '12 at 5:14
Oh sorry I did too, I was thinking about it like a JS object and not a JSON string. Single quotes should work though? That or say name="{\"caption\":\".... –  jamie-wilson Mar 21 '12 at 21:15

Since you are using jquery, I would recommend that you do the following to store data on your element

<a href="#dialog" name="some_name" data-params="{'param1':'someValue', 'param2':'someOtherValue'}">Link Text</a>

Then in your click function, you can access it as shown below

    var me = $(this), data = me.data('params');

Edit - Fiddle added

Check the fiddle to see a working sample

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Unfortunately it works only in HTML5 –  Nolesh Mar 21 '12 at 5:15
not so, jquery will handle it in all cases –  Jibi Abraham Mar 21 '12 at 6:31

using data-* attribute, you can:

<a name='dialog'
 data-caption='this is the caption'
 data-bodytext='this is the body'>klik</a>

and the javascript:

$(function() {
    function InitDialog(c, b){
        alert('the caption: ' + c);
        alert('the body: ' + b);

    $('a[name=dialog]').click(function(e) {
        caption = $(this).data('caption'); // gets data-caption attribute value
        bodyText = $(this).data('bodytext'); // gets the data-bodytext attribute value
        InitDialog(caption, bodyText);

tho instead of using name as the selector, i'd recommend class instead

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