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I need a custom first page header in ssrs. I was trying to do it with custom visibility through expression. It works in reportviewer, but when exporting to word or pdf, visibility is not persisted and always shows first page header.

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  • If you already have a normal page header that you want to appear on all subsequent pages except the first, then set the PrintOnFirstPage property of the Page Header to be False in the Properties window.
  • Add your custom first page header layout to the top of the report Body - ie. above everything else that appears in the report Body, but below the Page Header section (if enabled).
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Bullet 1 doesn't apply because I still need custom 1st page header, not hidden. Concerning bullet two - when I'm going to export to .doc, the header is not going to appear in a header of document. Any fix for that? –  user194076 Mar 21 '12 at 17:46

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