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I am successfully using JQuery editInPlace plug-in on a static HTML page.

It's not working with the same HTML when the HTML is injected by an Ajax call.

I understand that using .on() such as '$('.edit_inplace_field').on(...)' should help in resolving the problem but I'm not sure how exactly it should be done for this specific plug-in.

The plug-in:

The working static HTML code looks like:

<p id="name_id" style="background-color: transparent; 
      "class="edit_inplace_field">Enter Name</p>

The associated script that is used with the static HTML:

    callback: function(unused, enteredText) { return enteredText; },
// url: './server.php',
show_buttons: false

Help will be greatly appreciated.

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Using the information pointed by:
1. Dave Hauenstein - the jquery live api and by
2. Using an example on I resolve the above.

The event in use above was the click event. With this in mind the solution:
Putting the above jquery code inside a .live() function:

$('.edit_inplace_field').live("click",function() {  
             // --> code from above here, object is replaced by $(this)
         callback: function(unused, enteredText) { return enteredText; },
         show_buttons: false
    }); // --<

Comment: if using a more advanced jQuery 1.7+ version it is suggested to use .on() function. See here why.

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This solution requires two clicks on the editable element to edit it. Alternately, you can call the live function on the parent element of your editable content, with the mouseenter event instead of click, and change this to your editable field. – spsaucier Oct 15 '13 at 0:18

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