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I want two comboboxes with collection with empty element.

I Use two comboboxes with:

<ComboBox x:Name="itemEditPageComboBox"
  ItemsSource="{StaticResource ItemsColl}"
<CompositeCollection x:Key="ItemsColl">
  <ComboBoxItem Content="" />
 <CollectionContainer Collection="{Binding Source={StaticResource ElementsCollection}}" />

<CollectionViewSource x:Key="ElementsCollection" Source="{Binding Path=...}" /> 


Sequentially choose two comboboxes, after it - one of them is removed empty element.


System.Windows.Data Error: 26 : ItemTemplate and ItemTemplateSelector are ignored for items already of the ItemsControl's container type; Type='ComboBoxItem'

Please tell me what to do?

Best regards!

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You cannot use the same ComboBoxItem in two ComboBoxes, also the error should be quite clear: If you add a ComboBoxItem to a ComboBox which has an ItemTemplate defined, that won't be applied to that ComboBoxItem because it already has the type of the created containers. This error may or may not be a problem, depending on what you want.

If you want to use the collection for two ComboBoxes you should add a string or if you want something more complex an instance of a class (which should probably have an implicit DataTemplate associated with it). Do not add a ComboBoxItem directly.

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