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In my ruby(1.9.3) on rails (3.1) app I'm trying to set some conditional behavior with respect to tasks and deadlines. Specifically the coloring of a progress bar.

Tasks belongs_to list
List has_many tasks

I'm essentialy trying to see if the last task.planned_for date in @list.tasks is past @list.deadline.

Both list.deadline and task.planned_for are :date types.

So in my view I'm looking for something like:

- if @last_task.planned_for > @list.deadline


@tasks = @list.tasks.todo
@last_task = @tasks.last

Any ideas on how to best do this. This (obviously) isn't working.

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Your @tasks.last doesn't grab the latest one, it grabs the last one in the database, not in any particular order. You probably want to get it with

@last_task = @list.tasks.order('planned_for DESC').first`  

(by ordering it descending, the first date is latest)

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I'm getting this error: undefined method >' for nil:NilClass` –  bgadoci Mar 21 '12 at 4:35
nevermind...that worked! Thanks. –  bgadoci Mar 21 '12 at 4:38

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