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i have code like this

string xml_path(conf("CONFIG"));


Where, conf function returns char * and FILE name is const char *

I want to combine it to one line like


how do i do it?

any suggestions ??

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Everyone is missing the fact that you've asked for a one-line solution. (But why do you want that?) –  Andrew Jaffe Jun 11 '09 at 8:20
Suppose i want to concat 5 strings then i can do it .append().append() I need not to do in 5 steps its like doing in java StringBuffer obj = new StringBuffer("foobar").append("foo").append("bar"); –  anish Jun 17 '09 at 5:33

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Question asked for one line:

string xml_path = string(conf("CONFIG")) + string(FILE_NAME);

(I assume xml_path is the name of the variable, and not some sort of call in a library I don't know about).

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+1. The greatest answer in stackoverflow. –  Jessica May 9 at 14:29

Alternatively, if you want to format variable of different type, use a ostringstream.


std::ostringstream oss; 
int a = 2; 
char *s = "sometext"; 
cout<<oss.str(); // will output "sometext2"
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+1 Very useful! Thanks! –  User1 Sep 5 '09 at 19:34
const char * f = "foo";
char * b = "bar";

string s = string( f ) + b;

Note that you cannot use append(-0 because neither of the strings invvolved is a std:;string. If you really want to append, it will have to be two-stage process:

string s ( f );
s.append( b );
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string xml_path(conf("CONFIG"));
xml_path += string(FILE_NAME);

should do the trick.

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