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I am using javascript for an ascx control in my application. I am getting some errors and want to debug the same.

I have put the debugger in my javascript and unchecked disable script debugging for internet explorer.

When my script is getting executed, I get the debugger launched, and when I attach the javascript (here it is in a separate file ), There is a message as,

There is no source code available for the current location.

What could be going wrong here. I hope to get some tips on debugging javascript with ascx control

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To debug JavaScript, Hit f12 in your browser. This will open the developer tools in most browsers. (with Firefox, this assumes you've already installed firebug, which has to be installed separately as an add-on.)

Select the script tab, set your break points by clicking the margin to the left of the line of code where you want to break. If you are using IE, click "start debugging". Then perform an action on your page that will trigger your code. Happy debugging.

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