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Concurrency is one of the hot topics on quite a few technology podcasts. Yet I couldn't find a podcast dedicated to concurrency programming fundamentals, techniques etc. If there's no podcast that specializes on concurrency which of technology podcasts highlights this topic best?

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Also not aware of specific podcasts dedicated to this.

But: I found the following two podcasts fairly interesting in regard to concurrency and scalability.



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Others have already mentioned it, but I thought I'd emphasize that SE Radio have quite a few good concurrency episodes, including a 3-part primer on concurrency. I would recommend SE Radio in general as a great resource.

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I don't know of a podcast that is dedicated to concurrency, but you can find interesting discussions about concurrency in:

The links are to the concurrency tag.

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For parallel scientific applications, see RCE.

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I follow High Scalability RSS feeds. It's actually about web stuff, but you might find it interesting.

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