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I am facing an issue in my application. When i am running my application and click on device lock hardware key and again unlock the device, the application is closed. I want the application to get launched on the same activity i was before locking the device.

I tried google but i could get code samples only on locking the device through code. But, i want my application to stay active even if the device is locked.

Please help me if you have pointers for the same.

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Reason for the issue ... i was finishing the activity in my onPause Method. Once i removed it, application was working as expected.

Thanks everyone.

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Use the onResume function and give the override . Here is a sample code,

protected void onResume() { 

If you need to give any other functionalities mention it inside the onResume().

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maybe you are using a Custom ROM that closes applications on key-lock, this never happened with me.

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