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I have a problem while getting the list of facebook fan pages using the graph api.

I am using:{userfacebookid}/accounts?access_token={access_token}&scope=manage_pages

But I am getting empty result like this:

   "data": [

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You've added the scope on the end of your api request, but the scope should be on your login url to ask for the appropriate permission when a user authorizes your app I believe. e.g in the php-sdk $facebook->getLoginUrl(array("scope"=>"manage_pages")); That way your access_token should give you the correct permissions to access the account connection. – TommyBs Mar 21 '12 at 7:52

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ONE: You should start by reading the authentication flow. Here's the Server-Side Authentication document

Here you should ask for the manage_pages permission

TWO: Once you have the user access token with this permission you can retrieve the pages the user administer:{userfacebookid}/accounts?access_token={access_token}

THREE: This won't retrieve the pages the user is fan of!

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I am also faced same problem while getting our pages(i.e., created by us) and i tried but at last i got the solution

While authentication time u have to pass permissions like below,user_subscriptions

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