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I use below code to post an url to facebook page as a admin but if i post an message,it is posting but it is not posting photos and url.

 $args = array(
            'access_token'  => token,
            'message'       => $url

        $wall = $facebook->api("/".$pid."/feed","post",$args);

Is there any other function that does that?

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You need to add

  • 'caption'
  • 'link'
  • 'picture'

variables to your array to show a picture with a caption and a link to a url.

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:Photo got posted on my wall but when i clicked on photo,it took to my web server file location.It should not go there,is there any other solution to upload on album. –  user1263374 Mar 21 '12 at 10:25

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