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hie all,

my query is this

select * from [order] where createdon<getdate()-7
and orderid between 
(select top 1 orderid from [order] where createdon<getdate()-7 order by orderid) as oId
and oId+100 order by orderid

It is giving error. please tell me where is it going wrong

my intention is to get 100 orders from order table which are older than 7 days. and please dont suggest fetching it using row_number


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You can't alias expressions in the WHERE clause. But since your subquery returns just one row, you could cross join it to the [order] table and filter on the returned top orderid value like this:

SELECT [order].*
FROM [order]
  SELECT TOP 1 orderid
  FROM [order]
  WHERE createdon < GETDATE() - 7
  ORDER BY orderid
) toporder
WHERE [order].createdon < GETDATE() - 7
  AND [order].orderid BETWEEN toporder.orderid AND toporder.orderid + 100
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select * from 
    select top 100 * from [order] where 
    createdon<dateadd(day, -7, getdate())
    order by orderid desc
order by orderid asc
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good alternative –  Mayur Mar 21 '12 at 9:14

Assume you use MSSQL, use TOP keyword to limit output :

SELECT TOP 100 ...
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a haste-y response indeed –  jlnorsworthy Mar 21 '12 at 7:35

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