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In PHP, filter_var('', FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) returns false. Is this correct? Isn't a valid URL, or protocols (http://, ftp://, etc.) need to be explicitly stated in the URL to be formally correct?

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It's not a valid URL. Prefixing things with http:// was never a very user-friendly thing, so modern browsers assume you mean http if you just enter a domain name. Software libraries are, rightly, a little bit more picky!

One approach you could take is passing the string through parse_url, and then adding any elements which are missing, e.g.

if ( $parts = parse_url($url) ) {
   if ( !isset($parts["scheme"]) )
       $url = "http://$url";

Interestingly, when you use FILTER_VALIDATE_URL, it actually uses parse_url internally to figure out what the scheme is (view source). Thanks to salathe for spotting this in the comments below.

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Thanks for the explanation! I'll use the parse_url approach you said, I like it better than filter_var – federicot Mar 21 '12 at 8:01
Wednesday Trivia: FILTER_VALIDATE_URL uses parse_url() to check to see if there is a scheme. – salathe Mar 21 '12 at 18:26
Nice! I'll add it to the answer! – Paul Dixon Mar 21 '12 at 20:29

The URL have to correspond with the rules set forward in RFC 2396, and according to that spec the protocol is necessary.

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The scheme ("protocol") part is required for FILTER_VALIDATE_URL.

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