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I wanted to serialize a java class to XML with XStream.

I needed to generated an XML element with one underline (canal_operateur), but XStream adds a second underline in the xml element name.

So how to keep only one underline ?

With the default configuration for this class :

public class Document implements Serializable {
    private String typedoc;
    private Fichier fichier;
    private String canalOperateur;  
    //xstream.aliasField("canal_operateur", Document.class, "canalOperateur");
    ** setter and getter

XStream doubles the underline :

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According to here:

XStream maps Java class names and field names to XML tags or attributes. Unfortunately this mapping cannot be 1:1, since some characters used for identifiers in Java are invalid in XML names. Therefore XStream uses an XmlFriendlyNameCoder to replace these characters with a replacement. By default this NameCoder uses an underscore as escape character and has therefore to escape the underscore itself also. You may provide a different configured instance of the XmlFriendlyNameCoder or a complete different implementation like the NoNameCoder to prevent name coding at all. However it is your responsibility then to ensure, that the resulting names are valid for XML.

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thans a lot! NoNameCoder dose work! – codeisee Mar 21 '12 at 11:25

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