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I have added a new in app purchase for my app. I have uploaded the screenshot and the status is "Waiting for Review".

I have NOT submitted the binary yet as I wanted to do some testing once the purchase has been approved.

The in app purchase has been in the "Waiting for Review" state for about 2 weeks now.

Does this indicate a problem? Or has anyone experienced a wait as long as this for approval?


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How do you think Apple are going to test if there's no binary? – Stephen Darlington Mar 21 '12 at 9:36

You can test the in app purchase without being approved. See the docs how. You should submit a screenshot when you want the in app purchase to be tested. This is, when your app is already submitted.

share|improve this answer is a useful resource for people to get a rough look at what the current review times are for both the iOS and the Mac App Stores, you can check this site. BTW, if you want to keep your iTunes rentals longer, check this tutorial

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