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I wanted to persist window position. But the case is windows id are dynamic.

Here is the detail scenario.. dynamic_id will be one of "id1", "id2" ... "id5"// these are fixed window.openDialog("chrome://something/content/test.xul, name, dynamic_id)

and my test.xul is

<window persist="screenX screenY" ..... >/<window>

Now how could I achieve persistance of window.

I tried adding window.id = dynamic_id, But it doesn't works..

Or If there is a way to do something like below: <window id = "dynamic_id" persist= ..../></window>

Thanks in advance!!

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1 Answer

that is becuease the url is always the same, and this is the "id" that mozilla use to remember "the persisting things" in its database of "persisting things".

Do this:

openDialog("chrome://something/content/test.xul?id=" + dinamic_id, name )

then in your text.xul, you have to obtain the id, do this:

id = location.search.match( /id=([^&]+)/ ) && RegExp.$1
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