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I have two tables like below table 1:emp

Emp ID   SupervisorID
001      005
002      001
003      004
004      005

table 2:empdetails

ID       Name
001      John
002      Krish
003      Ramesh
004      Smith
005      Ranga

I need a sql query to display ID name from table 1 in two columns Employee and its Supervisor as shows result below


Emp     Supervisor
John    ranga
Krish   John
Ramesh  Smith
Smith   prasad
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Try with following query:

SELECT  ed1.Name AS 'ID',ed2.Name AS 'Name'  FROM emp e 
       JOIN empdetails ed1 ON e.EmpID=ed1.ID 
       JOIN empdetails ed2 ON e.SupervisorID=ed2.ID 

It will take the result from emp table and try to get join with empdetails....

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It is perfectly simple to join the same table twice: just use different table aliases to distinguish the instances. In the following example I use an outer join to get the supervisor name, as every employee may not have a supervisor (there ought to be one person in the hierarchy, the ultimate boss, who doesn't have one).

select ed.name  as emp_name
       , sup.name as supervisor
from emp e         
    inner join empdetails ed on ( e.id = ed.id )
    left join empdetails sup on ( e.supervisorid = sup.id )
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