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I've got two decimal to compare. One comes form a db table mapped with NHibernate with precision=22 and scale = 8, let see an example value as I can see it in the watch:


the one that I'm comparing with is:


of course strict equality fails. I know I can check if the difference being under a certain epsilon, I'm just asking since precision and scale are first citizen in the decimal representation, if there is a smartest way to do such a comparison.

EDIT Just elaborating the @V4Vendetta reply I created this extension method:

    public static class ScaleComparer
        public static bool ScaleEquals(this decimal lhs, decimal rhs, int scale)
            decimal mult = (decimal)Math.Pow(10, scale);
            return decimal.Truncate(lhs * mult) / mult == decimal.Truncate(rhs*mult)/mult;

It works, but I really feel there'shoud be something smarter :)

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After giving it a little thought I still think a - b < epsilon is the smartest/fastest, any "internal" function would probably use the same method. – nobody Mar 21 '12 at 10:44
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Maybe you could try on these lines (not sure if smartest)

bool iscompared = decimal.Truncate(77.472349025229M * 100000000.0M) / 100000000.0M == 77.47234902M;

return true

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will elaborate it just to take it configurable, but is the only way till now, thanks ! – Felice Pollano Mar 21 '12 at 11:23

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