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Following another question on SO (I am no PHP expert), I am wondering whether the Zlib library has been properly installed on my local laptop. Documentation says there should be no need to manually install this library, but code using this library does not work.

Documentation mentions a need to configure PHP --with-zlib[=DIR], but for versions below 4.3. I am on 5.2.17. I have checked php.ini, but I see no reference to it. My PHP system has been installed with Acquia Dev Desktop.

How can I check whether the Zlib library has been properly installed and enabled on my local PC? Where should I take a look at? What should I look for? Thanks.

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I would actually imagine that the fact that the function doesn't work mean that it's not properly installed, though I'm curious if there are other answers. :) – Waynn Lue Mar 21 '12 at 10:21
try phpinfo() – Vytautas Mar 21 '12 at 10:23
ZLib is installed on my PC, so back to the original question. Thanks. – JVerstry Mar 21 '12 at 10:37
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You can use phpinfo() to get full information about libraries


or in your PHP code test for a given function

if (function_exists("gzcompress")) {
  echo "OK";
} else {
  die("zlib missing");
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Unless I'm missing something:

var_dump(function_exists('gzclose')); // or any gz-related functions

Or to be more specific and correct



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The extension_loaded function is a more 'correct' answer to this question than the accepted answer. – kristovaher Mar 21 '12 at 10:53

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