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I need to implement the custom dll to get the audio end point instance of a client side for redirection of audio from server 2008 to any client starting from windows vista.

I have already created a virtual channel between client and server for communication but i need to redirect the audio whatever playing at server side to local machine.

using the MMDevice/MMEnumerator/MMproperty i only able to get the instance of local audio device.As microsoft document says that we can make a custom dll to get the instance of local device at terminal server side.So i need to implement enumerator object,device object, collection object and property object.could you please suggest me how to implement those objects to get the local audio instance from terminal server side.Thanks

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As I know server audio redirection exists out of the box starting from Windows XP (or even 2000). – Sergey Podobry Mar 21 '12 at 11:05
thanks for a quick reply.Yaa that i need to implement. I need to implement a custom dll which should export GetTSAudioEndpointEnumeratorForSession() according to microsoft document.For that need to implement the mmdevice enumerate, mmdevice collection , mmdevice object.So when all the audio application would respond the local machine audio device. – zufluk Mar 21 '12 at 11:15

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