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I'm wondering if it's safe to use requestAnimationFrame outside of experimenting yet? I guess you still need the vendor prefixes (moz, ms etc). How many of the modern browsers support it? And how big are the differences? I know FF had trouble with the fps capping at 62.5 - callback time.

Also what is the real difference in using requestAnimationFrame when compared to a setInterval loop?

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what you need it for ? concept is well supported by browser vendors, syntax is almost stable (sans the cancelAnimationFrame ), and you can safely emulate it through shim in legacy browsers. – c69 Mar 21 '12 at 13:14
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It's safe, as long as you are aware the syntax could change, though I doubt it will. Testing is of course important, but I can't see any reason not to, as the enhanced performance is worth it. You can also omit the prefixed version if a browser doesnt work as expected.

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