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This is my current function to get all users:

function get_all() {
    return $this->db->get($this->tableName)->result();

Now I have a function that changes the mysql DATETIME to 'time ago'


How can I change all the mysql datetimes in the array that get_all produces before passing it to the controller and the view?

Secondly, Is it correct to do this in the Model or should this be done in the Controller?

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why not try loop ? – safarov Mar 21 '12 at 11:01
@safarov I wasn't sure if looping trough that array was permitted in a Model class – Simon Mar 21 '12 at 13:13
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I would say the model is fine for doing this.

You have a number of options simply iterate over the array e.g.

$results = $this->db->get($this->tableName)->result();
foreach($results as $key=>$value)
  if($key=="<name of date time field>")

return $results;

if 5.3 php Use something like array_walk with anonymous function

$results = $this->db->get($this->tableName)->result();

    array_walk($results, function (&$v, $k) { if($k=="<name of date time field>"){$v=timespan(human_to_unix($v),time()} });
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I suppose somethin like:

function get_all() {
    $arr = $this->db->get($this->tableName)->result();
    foreach(array_keys($arr) as $h)
        $arr[$h]->datetime = timespan(human_to_unix($arr[$h]->datetime),time());

    return $arr;

I can't tell what the functions timespan and human_to_unix does exactly.

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