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I want to delete everything before the last tab (or comma).

For example, in this sentence:

Hoe treedt een gevestigd instituut als het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, alom geassocieerd met ambacht en traditie, buiten zijn grenzen op zoek naar vernieuwing?

should be

naar vernieuwing?

Ik heb ruim 6 weken geleden een boek besteld en ik wacht nog steeds,enig idee hoe lang dit wachten nog gaat duren?

should be

enig idee hoe lang dit wachten nog gaat duren?

I tried this,

"^(.*\t+)+" but that doesn't work.

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Try this


and replace with $1

See it here on Regexr

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Great answer @stema – Miloš Jun 19 '12 at 13:05

Regular Expressions are the wrong tool for this job.

Just use lastIndexOf() to find the last , and/or \t and then use substring() to lop off what you want to keep.

Either way, writing this out using the proper Java idioms, will be more self documenting and more maintainable in the long run.

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Instead of thinking of it as deleting the part before the last comma, you can think of it as extracting the part after the last comma. This can be achieved with the following regex:



  • (?:[,\t]|^) either matches a ,, a tab or the start of the string. (Doesn't capture.)
  • ([^,\t]*) captures any symbol following it that isn't a , or tab.
  • $ anchors it to the end of a string.

As a whole this should do the job.

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String s1 = "asdfasdadfsdf,asdfasd,fasd,fasd,fasdf";

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