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I'm trying to use the phpunit configuration file to set a specific php-ini setting. When I try to set the auto_prepend_file to a file that exist, having tested both relative path and absolute path, it doesn't work.

I does however work if I set it in the php-ini file. php.ini


What I'm trying to do is to load this config.php file before loading my testcase, because I have some functions and config variables I need access to. Maybe I can do it some other way than using auto_prepend_file!? Or do somebody know how to make it work this way!?

phpunit config file:

    <ini name="auto_prepend_file" value="/path/to/project/config.php" />

Thanks in advance!

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You can only use the <ini> tags to set values that can be set from within PHP using ini_set().

So only ini values that are PHP_INI_ALL. The auto_prepent_file directive is PHP_INI_PERDIR (see the docs) meaning it can't be set when php process is already running.

For including a file before the tests are run you have two options:

Ether use the --bootstrap file_to_run_before_tests_run.php option

or use php -d auto_prepend_file=yourfile.php /path/to/phpunit to run phpunit.

Both ways will ensure the file contents are executed before any tests are executed with --bootstrap being the more common way to do that.

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Ah that explains why I couldn't get to work! Thank you! Though, I was hoping that I wouldn't need to use anything like bootstrap. – VEnglund Mar 21 '12 at 12:48

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