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I have been able to set up OBDC in Filemaker, and added table, a MySQL table, in Filemaker's relationship diagram.

I want to set up a layout, to view the entire contents of table, at the moment it displays a much smaller number of records than there should be, initially only 3 Total (where it should be 150).

However, if I go to Find Mode, and type in the id of one of the records which is not displayed, it is subsequently appended to the table (so I now have 4 "Total" records).

How can I display the entire contents of this table?

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You don't state what OS you're on nor what your ODBC driver is, but assuming it's a Mac with the Actual Technologies driver, it sounds like the driver isn't registered.


Downloaded driver has all features turned on, except that it will only return 3 rows from any query until the driver is registered

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pft221 is correct on the recordset result, but you will often find that you will need to perform the script step "Refresh Window" with [Flush cached SQL data] checked periodically to refresh rows of data if the datasource is actively being updated.

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