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I find the table layout panel in c# (.net 2.0) to be very primitive. I wanted to allow my users to resize the columns in a table layout panel but there are no ready made options to do so. Is there a way atleast to find out whether the cursor is directly over any borders of a cell and if so, which cell is beneath it ?? May be having this information, we can atleast try resizing that row/column thru' code. Help me finding,

  • whether the cursor is directly over any borders of a cell
  • which cell is beneath it (applicable only if the first question has an answer)

Many Thanks,

Sudarsan Srinivasan

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hey sudarsanyes did you ever solve this issue? I'm now facing the same problem. the user of my app needs to be able resize rows and columns in my app's tableLayoutPanel during runtime – D.Allen Jul 2 '13 at 20:36
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If you layout is not overly complex, maybe you can achieve what you want by using SplitContainer controls? Unfortunately, each SplitContainer will have only two "cells", but you can embed a SplitContainer in another SplitContiner panel to get more resizable cells:

││     │          ││
││     │          ││
││          │     ││
││          │     ││

OK, so ASCII art was never one of my stronger skills, but I think you get the point ;o)

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Won't that be very complex and costly?? [you are really good in ASCII arts than me:D] – sudarsanyes Jun 11 '09 at 11:14
Ugly, yes, but considerably less complex and costly that trying to handle events in a table layout panel, I'd say. – Benjol Jun 11 '09 at 11:25

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