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I am scripting java using rhino. I have few classes written in java that I am importing in javascript.

But, when I am validating javascript against JSLint, it invalidates javascript saying:

Problem at line 9 character 1: 'importPackage' was used before it was defined.

Here is the sample from my script:

var test = "123";

I have selected the option: "Assume Rhino" as well but still, it shows up same error.

How should I deal with this problem?

Note that the ECMA standard doesn't cover communication with Java (or with any external object system for that matter).

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I have explicitly added following line on top of my script

/*global importPackage: true */

and it works!

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It looks like the "Assume Rhino" flag (aka rhino: true in the options directive) only predefines a few global variables for you, and importPackage isn't one of them. You can see the complete list in the code.

Paul's answer is basically the correct workaround – you just manually declare each extra global you use. This code passes JSLint cleanly:

/*global importPackage, Packages */
var test = "123";
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