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I've seen in this comment and elsewhere hints that there's a way to use groovy tags in application.conf to make more dynamic configuration, but I haven't seen any real documentation describing this.

Specifically, I'm interested in setting configuration variables according to hostname and System Properties.

How can I do this?

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So I finally looked at the code that reads the conf file. The support for groovy tags is minimal, and basically allows the following usages:

  • ${application.path} gets interpolated as the current application base path
  • ${play.path} gets interpolated as the play framework base path
  • Any other string in the form of ${key} is checked against the system properties, and if not available, checked against the environment variables

This can be used together with the @include functionality to achieve my use case like this:

  • Under the conf directory, I have the usual application.conf, as well as specific/dev001.conf, specific/test001.conf, specific/prod001.conf etc. each of the specific files contains configuration for the specific host.
  • In application.conf I have a line that says @include.hostspecific=specific/${HOSTNAME}.conf
  • Before running play run I make sure to set the HOSTNAME environment variable.

With Linux + bash:

export HOSTNAME=$(uname -n)
play run

On windows:

FOR /F "usebackq" %i IN (`hostname`) DO SET HOSTNAME=%i
play run

Note that play will not load if there's a missing include file, so I now need a conf file for every machine I run it on.

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