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I've been reading this post Creating a login form in CodeIgniter based on Ion Auth library but I still have a question about exactly how to call methods in ion auth.

The documentation states:

NOTE: Methods available in the model are called through the controller using PHP5 magic. You should never use ion_auth_model->method() in your applications.

But then the example shows:

$this->ion_auth->login($identity, $password, $remember);

If I've autoloaded the Ion_auth library in my autoload.php, exactly how do I call the methods?

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You should know that there's a difference between a library and a model. The documentation states that you should never call a method from the model. Instead, load the library and call the methods inside of it. Perhaps you misread that line somehow?

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Hm I just copied and pasted those two lines from the documentation. –  redconservatory Mar 21 '12 at 13:39
Oh wait, I see what you mean, so I should never do ion_auth_model->login() but $this->ion_auth->login() is ok? Duh. –  redconservatory Mar 21 '12 at 13:44

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