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I’m using a Windows 7 Enterprise edition 64 bit, the firewall means certain update sites are not directly accessible and my standard user is not a local admin.

How do you install the Groovy and Grails plugins for STS?

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Update (July 2012): There is now a preconfigured version of STS availabe which comes with Groovy and Grails, simply install or unzip the package and Groovy, Grails and their plugins are pre-installed and working. This is available on the STS site here (eg Groovy/Grails Tool Suite version 3.0.0.M3 zip file is here

I originally had a number of problems with admin/access rights and the inline STS extensions update site getting blocked by the firewall. I thought installing STS as a local admin would help things but this actually made it worse and caused problems when running STS from a normal user account later. Here are the final steps needed…

User Access Issues: Create a directory eg c:\devtools

  1. c:\devtools -> a directory where STS can be installed. (Your Windows 7 User must have full read/write access)
  2. Unzipping and all other actions described below should be done as your normal user (this doesn’t require a local admin user) A local admin was only needed to create the devtools directory and grant full read/write access to the standard user.

Download/Firewall Issues: The following files can be downloaded from a separate computer and moved across so the developer PC doesn’t require direct internet access

  1. Download the STS Windows Zip File http://www.springsource.org/downloads/sts
  2. Download Groovy STS Plugin http://ci.repository.codehaus.org/greclipse/snapshot/e37/old/
  3. Download Eclipse Update Zip File (which includes the Grails Plugin) (The Groovy Plugin must be installed first) http://www.springsource.org/downloads/sts
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I've found using the Dashboard works for me. In STS (I'm using 2.9.1, but it worked in 2.8.1 as well and probably earlier), click Help | Dashboard. Near bottom of that Dashboard, you'll see two tabs [Dashboard] and [Extensions]. Click on Extensions and you get a list of the extensions/plugins that are available. I'm not sure if this works any differently through the firewall.

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I have installed STS (v2.9.2) (Eclipse 3.7) from exe (downloaded from www.springsource.org/downloads/sts ) file and followed Chris's response, just changed the address/name like below -

Groovy STS Plugin: http://ci.repository.codehaus.org/greclipse/snapshot/e37/old/archive-2.7.0.xx-20120605-0900-e37-RELEASE.zip
Grails Support: http://download.springsource.com/release/TOOLS/update/2.9.2.RELEASE/e3.7/springsource-tool-suite-2.9.2.RELEASE-e3.7.2-updatesite.zip.

Though the package explorer is not the same with auto installer, yet it did miracle. Thanks Chris :-)

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