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I am building timeline posting for a fantasy trading company.

Currently the ticker displays as: Joe Shmoe just [Bought|Sold] [{stock_name}] on {Site_Name}

I need it to say: Joe Shmoe just [Bought|Sold] [{stock_name}] in fantasy trading on {Site_Name}

How would I add this?

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This isn't currently possible.

OG story title is formed of "{user} {action} {object} on {app name}"

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we really need that line for legal reasons.. is there anything we can do to get something similar on the ticker? – Nicklepedde Mar 21 '12 at 15:01
I presume if this is important for legal reason your company wouldn't mind spending the time, effort and $$$ to become a Facebook partner and have Facebook put an exception into their code for you app. – DMCS Mar 28 '12 at 17:00

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