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Hi I am using Highcharts api for developing charts.

I want set the start of week value. I have tried in many ways but failed.

I saw that varible in the following json object.

var defaultXAxisOptions = {
    max: null,
    min: null,
    minPadding: 0.01,
    maxPadding: 0.01,
    //minRange: null,
    minorGridLineColor: '#E0E0E0',
    minorGridLineWidth: 1,
    minorTickColor: '#A0A0A0',
    minorTickLength: 2,
    minorTickPosition: 'outside', // inside or outside

    startOfWeek: 1,
    startOnTick: false,

    type: 'linear' // linear, logarithmic or datetime

The above object is taken from highstock.js

I want to override this in my js file.

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To change the value of your defaultXAxisOptions:

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