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I have a user model and a user_profile model and I am trying to get a specific user and the related user_profile with the following function. if I comment out the include_related line it works and gets the user based on user_id but if I try to use the include_related to pull in the users profile fields it just returns the first user in the database and not the user based on user_id. Whats going wrong here?

function edit_admin_user(){
    //check user is logged in and has admin rights
    //get user id from the uri segment
    $user_id = $this->uri->segment(3);

    $user = new User();
    //$user->include_related('user_profile', array('firstname','surname', 'telephone', 'address1', 'address2', 'city', 'postcode'), TRUE, TRUE)->get();

    //set the content for the view partial (this is the actual content of the page)
    $content_data['user'] = $user;

    $data['content'] = $this->load->view('admin/edit_admin_user', $content_data, TRUE);
    $data['page_title'] = 'Get Stuffed | Admin Area | Edit Admin User';

    $this->load->view('admin/index', $data);
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Was having a mental block it should have been:

 $user = new User();
    $user->where('id', $user_id);
    $user->include_related('user_profile', array('firstname','surname', 'telephone',   'address1', 'address2', 'city', 'postcode'), TRUE, TRUE)->get();
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