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I'm making an communication program using Lync. I have made it call another lync user. But what the program dosn't take in consideration wether the user is online ore not. I found some code that does the job.

            var contact = (Contact)contactList.SelectedValue;

        if ((ContactAvailability)contact.GetContactInformation(ContactInformationType.Availability)
            != ContactAvailability.Offline)

But what i liked is insted use the login name as an string "sip:someuser@domain.onmicrosoft.com", because that's have i have to use it, because of have the system is setup. But it seems that i can only do it with an Lync Contact. But as i see it, it's not easy to add an contact programmly. Update: I have tried using the PresenceIndicator Lync Control. But it's seemed to work. It dosent change the status color eventrue i can call the person.

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You do not need to add a contact, just create a new contact from the sip uri, and use the resulting Contact object.

You'll need: ContactManager::GetContactByUri

Finds or creates a new contact using the contact URI. The URI can be a SIP address or a phone number.

Hope it helps

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