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Does MongoDB support multiple document update if selector (first argument) is selecting more than 1 document inside a collection.

In the below example first one works fine as it selects only a particular document and modifies zip value.

While in second case collection $addresses has multiple documents which has 'home' => 'canada', it doesn't update anything.

Can someone please help me ?

$addresses->update(array('_id' => new MongoId('4f69de380c211d6c21000001')),
               array('$set' => array('zip' => 20)));

$addresses->update(array('home' => 'canada')),
               array('$set' => array('zip' => 20)));


Equivalent javascript command

db.addresses.update({home: "canada"}, {$set: {zip: 20}})

Updates zip value of first encountered match, is this the expected behavior.

console command is updating at least one document, PHP is not doing anything if selector matches more than 1 document.

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As long as the second statement matches anything it should always update a single document.

If you want it to apply to multiple documents you should pass in the multiple flag as documented here.


In your case the query should read:

$addresses->update(array('home' => 'canada'),
           array('$set' => array('zip' => 20)),
           array('multiple' => true)
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It was a syntax mistake 'canada')), instead of 'canada'),. Thanks a lot for your wonderful book. I just started reading. –  P K Mar 21 '12 at 14:46

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