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function animImage(img) {
    $('#slider').delay(3000).animate({opacity: 0}, 'slow', function(img) {$('#slider').css('background-image','url(images/' + img +')').animate({opacity: 1});});

i have made it a function to animate the background in the slider element.but it doesn't work.when i check the output in chrome's inspect element shows background-image:images/undefined

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The callback you pass to animate() takes an img argument and uses it to build an URL to the background image. That won't work, because animate() does not pass any argument to your callback.

Instead, you can remove that argument and use the img argument originally passed to animImage(). That variable exists in the caller's scope, so it will be captured and accessible inside your callback:

function animImage(img)
    $('#slider').delay(3000).animate({opacity: 0}, 'slow', function() {
        $('#slider').css('background-image', 'url(images/' + img +')')
                    .animate({opacity: 1});
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oh my works!!...that's so good...actually i was using my php brain in javascript!!....thanks a lot! – MaSK Mar 21 '12 at 14:36
function animImage(img) {
   function myimg(){return img;}
    $('#slider').delay(3000).animate({opacity: 0}, 'slow', function() {$('#slider').css('background-image','url(images/' + myimg() +')').animate({opacity: 1});});
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