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I am learning about the MySQL statement, ORDER BY. I ran into this tutorial where they show an example with two clauses. How is that possible? For example:

SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY 
score DESC, date ASC;

How is that possible to have to order by two clauses? It doesn't make sense to me. How can your results be ordered twice?

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This query will do something like:

   ORDER score descending
   IF there are two rows with same score
   ORDER date ascending

Simply, if you have this table

score    date
1        11111
1        11113
2        11112

this will get you result

score    date 
2        11112
1        11111
1        11113
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Why would the score ID change for date 11113? Also, 11113 is not a date. –  Mosty Mostacho Mar 21 '12 at 14:30
I think he only shows a basic example :) –  John Woo Mar 21 '12 at 14:37
Sure, but it is not accurate because the data from column score and column date do not match any more –  Mosty Mostacho Mar 21 '12 at 14:45

First it orders by score, and then for any rows with the same score, it orders them by date.

E.g., this is sorted by Score ASC, Date ASC:

Score Date

1   2012/3/2
12  2012/3/1
46  2012/3/1
213 2012/3/1
213 2012/3/2
234 2012/3/1
234 2012/3/2
435 2012/3/1
435 2012/3/2
435 2012/3/2
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score DESC, date ASC;

means that it will order first by SCORE (descending) then by date (ascending)

if you have records like this:

A      B
10     100
10     200
20     300
40     500


A     B
40    500
20    300
10    100 
10    200

as you can see, there are 2 records of 10 and B will be order by ascending that's why you get 100 then 200 instead of 200 then 100.

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