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I jus wanted to know if the DateTime does automatic hour adjustments for daylight savings?. My app is a calendar type, so if it does not adjust, it might create an calculation problem since i use a function to calculate the date difference.

public int GetDateDiff(DateTime date1, DateTime date2)
     TimeSpan ts = date1 - date2;
     int iNoOfDays = ts.Days;
     return iNoOfDays;

MSDN says

Descriptions of time values in the DateTime type are often expressed using the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard, which is the internationally recognized name for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Coordinated Universal Time is the time as measured at zero degrees longitude, the UTC origin point. Daylight saving time is not applicable to UTC.

But again they also mention

Local time is relative to a particular time zone. A time zone is associated with a time zone offset, which is the displacement of the time zone measured in hours from the UTC origin point. In addition, local time is optionally affected by daylight saving time, which adds or subtracts an hour from the length of a day. Consequently, local time is calculated by adding the time zone offset to UTC and adjusting for daylight saving time if necessary. The time zone offset at the UTC origin point is zero.

Conversion operations between time zones (such as between UTC and local time, or between time in one time zone and local time) take the local time zone's daylight saving time into account, but arithmetic and comparison operations do not.

By default when you create a DateTime Variable, is it local time? Do i have to make adjustments in the calculation?

Confused :( Any one could explain this to me.


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Can't you use DateTimeOffset instead? It's a better structure for handling date & time data with regards to offset/dst –  Pedro Lamas Mar 21 '12 at 15:09
No, its GMT/UTC time. You can get the local time when you add an offset to your DateTime variable.for ex. If you are in India(GMT -5:30) you have to add an offset like -5:30 to your DateTime variable to get the local time. If you are still not clear try to play with timezones where they dont have daylight savings when you get better understanding work with daylight savings timezone. Hope it helps –  uDaY Mar 21 '12 at 15:11
@uDaY Oh, the so the default datetime variable is UTC and they have specified tht Daylight savings does not apply for UTC. But strangely when i hover over the DateTime Variable during debug, its Kind field shows 'local'. –  alfah Mar 22 '12 at 9:30

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