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I'm using the Secure module if that wasn't clear from my title:

(The Security controller resides in the (standard) controllers package)

I have this in my main.html template:

#{if Security.isConnected != true}
    <a href="#" id="loginSlider">Login</a>
    <a href="/logout">Logout</a>

And it doesn't seem to work as "Security" is null from here. I've found it to be fairly poorly documented on

[EDIT] Things I've tried: Adding a @ in front of the Controller: #{if @Security.isConnected != true} Prefixing with package name: #{if @controllers.Security.isConnected != true}

I've verified that I am indeed logged in by navigating to a secure page.

[EDIT2] Found a workaround that works, but I dislike it. Basically, the Security controller method isConnected does this: return session.contains("username"). So I can do that check in my view:

#{ifnot session.contains("username")}

But its not the optimal solution...

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#{ifnot controllers.Security.isConnected()}
    <a href="#" id="loginSlider">Login</a>
    <a href="/logout">Logout</a>
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That did the trick –  DarkNeuron Mar 21 '12 at 21:56

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