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we are currently trying to merge or connect our company resources. One part is to integrate our ACD telephone system into our java applications. We asked some external companies for building an interface library to interact with our telephone system. The offers went up to about 12.000 $ just for an implementation.

So I looked for alternatives and stumbled upon the Sun Java Telephony API (now part of Oracle). After some reading and modifyng the example code I got a running implementation in about 30 minutes.

Now I am looking for books covering JTAPI and best practices, but I can't find any. The last version of JTAPI was 1.4.0-fr3 (final release 3). So I thought that there should be at least a few books about it.

So does anyone know some books covering the JTAPI topic?

Best regards and greetings, CB

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JTAPI and TAPI are dying technologies, that is why it is hard to find any books on them and they have not been updated in years. You might want to look into something like CT-Connect ( It support most popular ACD's and use to be reasonably priced. – Kevin Junghans Mar 22 '12 at 15:15
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There is a book called "Essential JTAPI" (ISBN 013080360X), published back in 1998. You should be able to buy it used on Amazon.

There is also "Java in Telecommunications" (ISBN 0471498262) which also covers JTAPI.

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Thanks for your reply, unfortunately they are out of print. So I had to come up with something useful by using the rather short documentation. Best regards and thank you, CB – Crazy Bytes Jul 16 '12 at 9:22

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