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i wrote a simple class that derives QPushButton, and tried to apply stylesheet on it. but it didn't work. I read the qt doc, but i could not find the point. Can any one help me out?

class Button : public QPushButton

    Button(QWidget * parent = NULL);
    void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent * event);


Button * btn = new Button(rootframe);
// I tried the following ways, all NG.
btn->setStyleSheet("background: white; color: blue;");
btn->setStyleSheet("QPushButton{background: white; color: blue;}");
btn->setStyleSheet("Button {background: white; color: blue;}");


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Does it do anything at all? btn->setStyleSheet("background-color: white; color: blue"); should work. – pezcode Mar 21 '12 at 15:38

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From the Qt Style Sheets Reference:

Warning: If you only set a background-color on a QPushButton, the background may not appear unless you set the border property to some value. This is because, by default, the QPushButton draws a native border which completely overlaps the background-color.

This should work

btn->setStyleSheet("background-color: white; color: blue; border: none");

It is advisable to check the QPushButton stylesheets example.

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