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I used pp.yscale('log') in my python script to plot a figure with y ticks shown in log scale. However, in the figure, the y axis does not appear. Is there any way to explicitly show y axis in python?

enter image description here

leg = pp.legend( series_labels, loc='upper right' )
pp.axis([-0.5, x_len-0.5, 0, max_y*1.1])   
configurable_xlabel = x_label + '(unit)'
configurable_ylabel = metrics[metric_idx] + '(unit)'
configurable_scaling = 2
xticklabels = []
for idx in xrange(0,x_len):
    if idx % configurable_scaling == 0:
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What you have shouldn't hide the left and right spines. Can you post a stand-alone example that reproduces your problem? –  Joe Kington Mar 21 '12 at 16:05

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I suggested on a duplicate of this question that it might be due to logarithmic scales having no 0 and suggested further that one might be able to move the axis to another number. I have no way to check this but Richard stated that this is a solution. I hope it is :-}

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